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Welcoming Challenges as Opportunities


Tara Brach

Belonging or Solitude

Solitude was something I longed for. Now I have more than I know what to do with. A sense of belonging seems to be what I want now. Yet I am scared to have it. My independence has been my... Continue Reading →



Pause is defined as: stop, cease, halt, discontinue, break off, take a break, take a breath Tara Brach (and many others) suggests to pause regularly, to focus on the breath, and/or be mindful of what we feel in our body. I don't find it easy to... Continue Reading →

Emotional Hurts

The font used in part of this post is called 'bleeding cowboys'. I think we are all 'bleeding cowboys/girls' and we all 'bleed' in different ways. For over three weeks my body has been busy recovering from a twisted ankle.... Continue Reading →

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Soothing my anxiety about driving

Today I am going to help a friend in a town about half an hour drive away. The weather forecast says it may rain. The windscreen wipers on my car sometimes (in a blue moon) have stopped. When I turned... Continue Reading →

Releasing limiting Beliefs

In my last energy healing session I became aware of the subconscious self sabotage beliefsystem that even thought I want to be well - I don't. Since then I practiced the Reversal tapping Points on Chest: I accept myself even... Continue Reading →

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