Journey Home to My Self

Welcoming Challenges as Opportunities



Uncomfortable Feelings

Today I feel that I need to love and accept myself (all my Selves) more than ever. Being with my feelings in my body just does not seem something I am managing. I feel restless, alone, hopeless and unfulfilled and... Continue Reading →


Emotional Hurts

The font used in part of this post is called 'bleeding cowboys'. I think we are all 'bleeding cowboys/girls' and we all 'bleed' in different ways. For over three weeks my body has been busy recovering from a twisted ankle.... Continue Reading →

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Fear of not being good enough

The feelings that came up today were fear of being found out, having done something wrong, being a failure, not good enough and ultimately shame, that I am bad. Helping my friend was stressful and I was exhausted when I... Continue Reading →

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