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Welcoming Challenges as Opportunities



Fear of not being good enough

The feelings that came up today were fear of being found out, having done something wrong, being a failure, not good enough and ultimately shame, that I am bad. Helping my friend was stressful and I was exhausted when I... Continue Reading →


Soothing my anxiety about driving

Today I am going to help a friend in a town about half an hour drive away. The weather forecast says it may rain. The windscreen wipers on my car sometimes (in a blue moon) have stopped. When I turned... Continue Reading →

Feeling anxious is not that easy to get over

"I don't want your fear to hold you back", a counsellor said to, meaning well, trying to encourage me towards 'pushing through'. This had the opposite effect on me. Having expressed my feelings of not feeling good enough and having... Continue Reading →

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