You have no Power over meThe issue discussed in the video below is something I can relate to.
So many times in my life did I feel powerless, especially as a child and also as an adult.

When I was experiencing an internal conflict after a break up I remembered the line from the Labyrinth “you have no power over me.”


Labyrinth quote
Labyrinth – You have no Power over me

It did help at the time to repeat that sentence, when I felt presented with the ‘pretty bauble’ of the dream; wanting to believe the empty promises my ex partner would not have been able to keep.

Labyrinth : You have no power over me

Yes, it would be nice if we could ‘reach back into the past’ and get out point across, or play out those revengeful thoughts.
Revengeful thoughts are necessary to move up the emotional guidance scale, as long as we don’t act on them.

Abraham Hicks – Rampage of self confidence

“The need to control conditions that can’t be controlled and the controversy within is: ‘I know I’m right, he doesn’t agree. He’s got the power so I can’t be free.” “You have no power in my experience (16;30)

Great suggestions by Abraham.