contributionMaking a Difference

Blogging is my way to contribute; and hopefully make a difference.

Sharing free Stuff online is my contribution, passing on what I have learned.
It was exciting finding out all the free online tools.

Tara Brach’s audios help to understand, accept and love difficult feelings.

Abraham-Hicks videos facilitate moving up the emotional guidance scale.

Knowing that the posts I write may reach someone who experiences similar results, finds hope, relief, feeling (even slightly) better, is the inspiration that fuels my writings.

Yes, it feels good when someone likes my post or even follows my blog.
It is even more exciting when people leave a comment.

Apparently we produce good feeling hormones, when we see that someone has liked our post (sort of like ‘social media chocolate’)

On a more personal level publishing posts is therapeutic because

  • It is creative
    gets things out of my head
    challenges me
    risking exposure
    more productive than playing a game
  • sense of belonging
    feeling a sense of achievement

I love playing with different fonts.
Publishing a post from Microsoft word makes this possible.
Unfortunately it does not always come out like the ‘original’

ImageContribution Making a Difference: Yorinda Wanner
Heart with rocks Photo Credit: AnnaER on Pixabay


What is your reason for blogging?
Share your thoughts about what I wrote.