How can I love myself moreToday I feel that I need to love and accept myself (all my Selves) more than ever.

Being with my feelings in my body just does not seem something I am managing.

I feel restless, alone, hopeless and unfulfilled and depressed.

Comfort food is not comforting and playing the game (collecting fairy dresses in the fairy valley) doesn’t have the effect of distracting myself.

The talk by Tara Brach I mentioned in the last post makes a lot of sense, yet applying what she suggests – just don’t want to go there, the feelings just feel too, far too, scary, overwhelming.

Wish I could sleep or ‘get out of it’ in some way.
So understand people who drink etc.

One moment at a time, one hour at a time, and soon this day has passed.
Tomorrow can be different.

Doing the Reversal : I accept myself even though I have these feeling.

Writing all this has helped, less ‘pressure’ in my head and heart.

Just remembered counting backwards from 300 in lots of 3.